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When education leaders hear about our model, they often say, "That sounds AMAZING. Do you have teacher professional development for this in the upper grades where I actually see most of my learning gaps and issues with student engagement?"

If this question resonates with you, you are not alone. It is natural that we focus first on the areas that seem to demand our immediate attention. But when we do that without also thinking about how we prevent those challenges in the first place--we become trapped in an endless cycle of putting the same fires.

By investing in a strong foundation in the primary grades, we can eventually break ourselves out of this cycle and start making forward momentum in student engagement, behavior, and achievement at every grade level.

And that's what we're here to help you do.

Follow the steps below to learn more!

1. Learn about our model for creating independent learners: Mastery-Based Choice

When we create the conditions that are designed to bring out the best in people, we automatically address many of the underlying challenges with student engagement, behavior and achievement that normally seem to require constant new strategies and systems to manage.

How do we create these conditions?

We've developed a model for teaching and learning called Mastery-Based Choice that is built on research and years of classroom practice to address these challenges at the root while increasing teacher sustainability and effectiveness.

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2. Peek inside our Explorer Program to see how we make Mastery-Based Choice easy and effective to implement

Our Explorer Programs are designed to include everything a teacher would need successfully launch and build momentum with mastery-based choice throughout the year to get the maximum benefits in student engagement, achievement and well-being.

We will be launching our Kindergarten Math & Literacy Explorer Programs in Summer 2024 with both online and in-person pd options depending on the needs of your school. Watch the quick video or download the pdf to learn more!

*We also have a first grade pilot cohort launching in the 2024-2025 school year for schools based in Denver, CO. We plan to add a grade level each year until we build out to second grade.

3. Start the conversation

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