The T.E.A.C.H. Different Collective


Annie and Ali at a conference with Millie the witch puppet

Help us launch the Collective!

We want to create a community where we can support one another in the sometimes lonely work of stepping outside the status quo and TEACHing Different.

No matter what kind of educator you are-- classroom teacher, school leader, district administration or external organization that supports schools & educators-- if you're interested in how we can TEACH Different-- this is the space for you.

Your Next Steps:

Learn about our vision:

These are our initial ideas for what to offer in this community just to get it kicked off. Take the survey below to give your input!

  • Community space just for members with opt-in directory to connect with others in your grade-level, region or other demographic

  • Weekly recorded Q & A to build on podcast topics or elements of the T.E.A.C.H. Framework (submit questions in advance!)

  • Chance to contribute your own knowledge and skills to the community and learn from others

  • Ways to take easy, quick action on issues that affect us in education

Express your interest:

Access to the community will open in mid July for just $6 a month for our Founding Member Cohort. Let us know your interest by filling out the form below so we can send you a message when it opens!


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