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we help k-2 educators create the conditions that unlock student engagement, achievement and wellbeing so teaching can feel joyful and sustainable again.

It's no secret schools today are juggling a lot of priorities: from challenges with student engagement and behavior to achievement.

Many teachers are trying to make it all work, but it can feel like there is a different strategy, meeting or professional development session for each challenge and it's leading many to burnout.

School leaders find themselves in the difficult position of determining when to support staff skill development and when to pull things off teacher's plates so the work isn't completely unsustainable.

What if there was a framework that could help address all these challenges at once?

Hi! We’re Annie and Ali.

Two elementary teachers each with over a decade in the classroom and counting!

We’re guessing you made your way to our page because you suspect this whole school thing can work a whole lot better for everyone. We agree.

Many of us in education are so overloaded by priorities we don't realize that the most impactful shift that we can make isn't focusing on doing all of the things better, but focusing on creating the conditions that naturally bring out the best in student engagement, behavior and achievement.


We now know humans evolved to learn through play and that young children need to move, manipulate, and make choices in order to unlock their innate learning powers and motivation.

Playful practices like art, story, drama, movement and music are also key mediums people from around the world have used for thousands of years to pass on key cultural knowledge.

When we focus on creating the right conditions that honor this understanding of human nature we can supercharge learning and create thriving classroom communities.

Our framework helps you do that. Even in public schools with all their requirements.

Here's how to get started.

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